Modern Talking

A mix of techno with retro, 70's style tunes.

Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Anders' idea of pop is a mix of techno with retro, 70's style music. Soft vocals, a high pitch thrown in now and then and a packed drum session is what every song consists of, leaving this music rooted in the age of flower power, feminism, pot, peace and love.

Two exceptional songs are "Time Is On My Side" and "Avec Toi". The duo has received quite a few accolades in the past such as the "World Music Award" and "VIVA Comet". They are popular in Germany, France, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Rome and Stockholm, just to name a few places.

The album has a few good dance numbers which can be used if you run out of all other music! I think, all in all, either you like what they create or you don't. It's just a matter of taste.

This article was first published on01 May 2000.