O Is For Outstanding

Kinsey Mallhone digs deep into yet another tangled plot.

Kinsey Mallhone, a thirty-six year old private investigator "respectfully submits" yet another interesting murder mystery.This time, the person who triggers quite a jumbled investigation is her ex-husband of fourteen years Mickey Magruder.

One phone call is all it takes to make this tenacious, smart and resourceful professional snoop dig deeper into a plot that is tangled like a woollen thread ball that's been near a cat.

Mallhone holds our attention. She's experienced, a tad cynical, quite the outlaw and her life leads us into the recent yet distant America of the 1980s. The story concerns itself with a certain incident that has occured in the 1960s at Ia Drang, an area of Vietnam. Frustrating the carefully laid out plans of more than one character, it has far reaching and potentially fatal consequences.

This is easy reading that can be done whenever there is a little time on hand - during lunch-breaks or while waiting for a bus or a train.

This article was first published on24 May 2000.