Flying Without Wings

Grow a pair of wings and nose dive into an enchanting narrative.

This slim, hundred-page novelette contains within its folds an idyllic realm. The story is about how the protagonist reaches that realm, and having got there, how it affects him.

It all begins with Bach the character having problems with his biplane, a Piper Cub. The solutions to the said problems arrive, and with them also, the vision of a beautiful woman with a wooden pencil stuck in her brown hair and a look of surprise at having seen Bach in her brown eyes.

It is in the quest of this mystery woman that Bach discards the self-imposed limits on his imagination and stumbles upon a parallel universe - a utopia for those who love flight.

This book is an invitation to explore with him new concepts of reality and creativity. His subtle humor and stylistic brilliance as well as detailed - though not laborious - explanations of the mechanics of an airplane enable the reader to grow a pair of wings and nose-dive into a narrative that is enchanting, peaceful and thought-provoking.

This article was first published on15 May 2000.