Yellow Fever

A movie that is an embarassment to blondes everywhere. And that's saying something.

The film will kill you. Or it will induce severe cerebral injury. Either way, if you’re blonde, you might just vote this best comedy of the year. Or at least that’s the message the moviemakers want to ferry.

This flick has about all the oomph of the numeric zero, with too much body and too little brain. The luckless story of Meg Peters (Krista Allen) who is on her fifty-first bad date and blames it all on her hair, "Blondes Have More Fun" has an important life lesson for anyone worth her roots: it’s the hair that gets you there!

So Meg decides to change her destiny by changing her hair colour, and not only goes potty with peroxide, she also joins a workshop that teaches her to be a full-fledged dimwitted blonde. And then she snares two men in succession: Van Martin (Michael Buble) a swinging club owner, and Brad Wilson (Brody Hutzler), an old school crush now turned millionaire.

She’s got big decisions to make...and she makes the wrong one, changes her mind, disrupts a wedding, lands a plum assignment at work and lives sappily ever after.

The film lacks the slightest ounce of credibility any reasonably mediocre film would otherwise boast. The acting is terrible - Krista Allen has big breasts and that’s about it, Hutzler as the hunky moron is straight out of the cartoon show "Ed, Edd and Eddy", and Michael Buble, who could almost be Brendan Frasier’s twin, has a farcical role.

It’s a film that probably tried to toe the line of the Farrely Brothers’ "Shallow Hal" where a social misfit comes through with her inner beauty. If the film actually succeeds marvelously in deriding the blonde, both the bleached and the born versions, and puts the lead in a character who, ironically, lives up to her status of "dumb blonde"...even though she is a bred brunette.

This article was first published on 13 Aug 2002.