Devil In A Blue Suit

Arnold saves the world from Armageddon. Ho hum.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as the only man who can save the planet...sounds familiar? Yes, we've seen this before, in "The Terminator", and yet again in "True Lies." Except that this time, Arnie's facing something a little different - the Devil Himself!

Such is the premise of "End Of Days", a movie that's entirely implausible but provides good entertainment nonetheless. In the initial scenes of the movie, we watch as a woman gives birth to a girl; this is the girl who will later grow up to bear the child of Satan. Fast forward, and we're in New York at the turn of the millennium; the city is gearing up for the celebrations, and the Devil decides to drop in. Donning the body of a Wall Street banker, he walks the streets looking for the woman who will bear his child, so that he can open the gates of Hell and drown the planet in everlasting fire and brimstone.

Of course, he hasn't reckoned on Arnold, owner of the private security firm he hires to guard his physical body. When a sniper tries to blow him away, Arnold begins to get suspicious and begins to investigate - before he knows it, he's found the girl, fought off members of the Vatican's secret army, and is face to face with the fact that he is the only one with the will and wits to save the planet...

Does he succeed? You'll have to watch the movie to answer that question - but I will tell you that though the story is implausible, it certainly succeeds in holding interest, primarily due to the huge number of special effects and explosions. Gabriel Byrne turns in a wonderful performance as a stylishly evil Satan, and Arnie is...well, Arnie. Watch this one if you like non-stop action!

This article was first published on14 Mar 2000.