A slapstick children's comedy that should keep the kids entertained.

Agent 11 is a supercop-dog, and, in the first scene of "See Spot Run", he traps a bigshot drug-dealer and rips off a piece of his "instrument" (oooooh ouch!) So now the man with half his manhood wants his revenge - two of his men are sent to track and whack Agent 11, Mafia style. The dog has to be sent into a witness protection program. Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Hollywood!

Enter Gordon, played by Arquette, the quintessential U.S. postboy, who is chased by man’s fanged friend every time he delivers letters. Thus to save his skin, he has developed a whole scheme of deflecting those "barking, biting monsters" - meat bait, soap solution and a few other innovations. So you can imagine his reaction when it turns out that he has to take care of Agent 11 (who has escaped from the witness protection program). Needless to say, the Mob, the cops and a bunch of miscellaneous other characters eventually catch up with Agen 11 and Gordon, resulting in all sorts of mayhem.

I won’t say more about the plot because the fun starts from here - a lot of mad, slapstick stuff that everyone can enjoy. Although it might sound like a slightly fantastic story, the direction and screenplay are actually good, which makes the movie quite funny. The concept itself is quite a well-developed, and the actors turn in fine comedic performances, especially Arquette and Clarke Duncan. Good after a long day at work and very entertaining for the kids!

This article was first published on 14 May 2001.