Eligible Bachelors Beware!

A romantic comedy with an unusual premise.

Now here's a film that will definitely make you think about bachelorhood versus marriage. And if you already happen to be married, many of the remarks in this movie are sure to ring a bell with you too.

The plot is unusual - like many guys, Jimmie Shannon [Chris O'Donnell] values his freedom more than life itself. A self-proclaimed bachelor, he unexpectedly learns that he has just one day to get married; if he doesn't, he'll lose the $100 million inheritance his grandfather has left him. The must-watch scene in this movie comes in the end where they have at least a thousand young women dressed in wedding gowns, chasing Jimmie up hill and down dale. It's almost enough to make the dove rethink its plans on extinction...

This is definitely a movie worth watching, and it's great for young and old romantics alike. Like many women, all that Jimmie's love interest, Anne [Renee Zeilweger] wants is some stability and certainty in her relationship. This film grabs the emotions surrounding marriage, engagement and proposals, and asks the question, "Would you marry a man for a $100 million?"

Of course, it isn't perfect - the conclusion isn't particularly stirring, and you'll probably walk away feeling like you're missing something. A feel-good, fluffy romantic comedy, for people who like that sort of thing.

This article was first published on01 Mar 2000.