Picking Up The Pieces

A serial killer's on the loose - and the only one with a handle on him is a paralyzed forensics detective.

The blood, gore, action and suspense all come together to make this one of the best films of the year.

This movie is about paralyzed forensics detective [Denzel Washington] Lincolne Rhyme and his feisty but hesitant attempts to try and stop a serial killer before he strikes again. The two things that make this film enjoyable are Denzel Washington [even though he is bed-ridden he still maintains his strong personality and delivers a astronomical performance] and the happy ending; without either of these, it would have bombed at the box office. The tension between Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie also comes out very well in this film; and Queen Latifah helps to bring this film to its chilling climax.

From the terrifying crime scenes to the chilling climax, this film is filled with suspense and emotion. Unlike other movies in this mold, "The Bone Collector" is NOT all about chasing the killer, but about preventing the killer from striking again.

Fast paced, suspenseful drama make this a good one to watch, and if you're the kind who scares easily, brace yourself, because it'll scare you out of your seat several times. It's probably not a great "first date" movie, though...

This article was first published on01 Mar 2000.