An Affair To Remember

Lopez and McConaughey fail to light up the screen in this tired tale.

What happens to little Latino girls who join Ken and Barbie in Holy Matrimony? They grow up to become Jennifer Lopez as a wedding planner.

Lopez plays Mary Fiore, San Francisco's finest wedding planner. She's on the verge on a partnership with the firm she works for, provided she clinches this one mega-bucks deal. She's got to convince Fran Donolly (Bridgette Sampras), nouveau-riche Internet glam girl, to hire her as wedding planner for her wedding, promising a ceremony unlike any before. Being the best, she lands the plum project.

Imagine her horror, though, when she meets Donolly's groom - the same one who saved her from a near-fatal accident in the street. Adding spirit to the flambé, her father impresses upon her a young Italian, Massimo (Justin Chambers) who goes beyond himself to make her his bride.

Presuming this was meant to be a fairy tale, you have to excuse the overdose of melodrama and clichés, and less-than-lustrous performance of the lead pair. Lopez is better at acting terrified than at emoting over the loss of an over-rated doctor. Matthew McConaughey as Dr. Steve Edison is syrup in a bottle, the perfect pediatrician, while Bridgette Sampras is just about okay as his wife-to-be.

A good flick to watch, preferably for those with mush on the mind!

This article was first published on 20 Jun 2002.