Animation that will rock your world.

In the year 3028, Fox Pictures may just have the financial resources to pull this film off as a true motion picture; until that time, "Titan AE" will remain one of the best Hollywood sci-fi animated endeavors of the 21st century. Set in the roaring 31st century, the tale depicts an advanced state of human existence amidst several new and hostile alien races.

The humans had finally unlocked a great secret, a source of power so immense that it threatened our enemies and consolidated our claim to the universe. However, its premature announcement brought the clouds of war upon Earth and one fine day, the Drej, a hybrid cyborg species of malevolent intent, finally destroyed Earth forever.

Fifteen years later, a headstrong young man named Cale (Matt Damon) discovers the truth behind the classified Titan project and his subsequent role in defending it as a last hope for all surviving humans. The future of humanity (a tired old cliché) rests upon his reckless shoulders and ultimately lies within the re-creation of another homeland for the wayward and scattered human colonies.

Despite the Zionist implications of the plot, the movie is truly different from the usual run-of-the-mill animated adventures. The filmmakers have to be given credit for their spectacular imagery and the directors have done an unrivaled job of giving the story maturity. The movie also brings you the voices of Drew Barrymore, Bill Pullman and Matt Damon, whose collective charm cannot be ignored at any point in this ninety-minute-long journey through deep space.

"Titan AE" takes you on the ride of your life through distant solar systems and unreal planetary chaos. The entire universe whizzes by, and the saga is as entertaining as it is breathtaking to behold.

Back in the studio, the music score is contemporary grunge and industrial metal with a tweak of the classics to boot. The latter may be disputed as an apt addition to the movie, but the contrast is evident and helps the audience to identify with the basic humanity of the characters.

All in all, "Titan AE" encourages you to fasten your seat belt, start up the hyperdrive and brace yourself for an animated ride into the unknown.

This article was first published on 09 May 2001.