Cafe Mondegar
Cafe Mondegar is a favourite haunt of college students and yuppies.
India Tea Centre
Transport yourself to pre-Independence India.
Leopold Cafe And Bar
Leopold's is a friendly, inexpensive cafe in the heart of Bombay.
Stake Out
A sizzler joint with celebrity patrons.
Just Around The Corner
An Indian diner modelled along American lines is making waves.
Cafe Noorani
An unpretentious restaurant which serves good Mughlai food.
Dosa Diner
South Indian food with a cosmopolitan twist.
Delhi Darbar
Mughlai cooking in the heart of Bombay.
Taste Buds
A well-conceived restaurant with a wide variety of dishes on offer.
Have dinner with Grace Kelly and Humprey Bogart.
Sanuk Thai
A new Thai restaurant is making waves in trendy South Bombay.
A coffee house that's right out of "Friends".
Pizza Hut
A wide variety of pastas, salads and pizzas.