A Quiet Cup Of Tea

Transport yourself to pre-Independence India.

The place has a very Colonial, old-world charm to it. Turbaned waiters, jute mats covering every square inch of the floor, a silver bell at every table to draw the attention of a waiter, a rich brown piano piece, subdued lighting, potted plants alongwith the wooden and jute service tables can't help but invoke the sense of having been transported into pre-Independence India when one steps into the place.

The colour combination of the place is cool too - lime green, lemon yellow and pale blue - the colours of the upholstery soothe the eye after the glare of the summer sun.

The restaurant is fitted out with approximately 12-14 tables. The service is efficient and quick.

Two menu cards are available, titled "Types Of T" and "Not Just T". The former contains items like Darjeeling, Assam, Earl Grey, Nilgiris and flavoured teas, as well as good old "chai". Each of these carry explanations as to what they are, exactly how they taste and smell and what would enhance their flavour, such as a "hint of mint" or a "twist of lemon", thus carefully navigating the uninitiated through tough tea decisions.

The second menu card contains every sumptuous breakfast and snack item under the sun! One can pick from a large range: breakfast rolls, breads, french fries, salads, cereals and lots more. Also offered are a "Breakfast Special" and a "Brunch consisting of a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian entree.

The prices are very reasonable. No individual item exceeds Rs. 50, except for the "Breakfast Special" that costs Rs. 100 and the "Brunch" that costs Rs. 125.00. However, since both these include a host of food items, the meal works out to be cost-effective.

The chef recommends waffles and omelettes from among the breakfast foods, cheesecakes from the High Tea section, and the brownies for dessert. The iced teas are well made here and really popular - they come in flavours of strawberry, lemon, peppermint and blackcurrant. The masala tea and the Mud Pot, which is a cuppa, "railway platform" ishtyle, are great too.

On the whole, put this on your "must visit" places list. Unfortunately the joint is closed on Sundays. So? Go on a Saturday!

This article was first published on24 Apr 2000.