Steak-ing A Claim

A sizzler joint with celebrity patrons.

For those of you who like sizzlers served on a solid 2.5 kg platter and are sick of Kobe's, Yoko's and Cafe Royal, Stake Out is the place for you. Located in the posh suburbs of Bombay, it's rather accessible and among its patrons are celebrities Arshad Warsi, Anupam Kher and Arbaaz Khan.

The ambience has its own attraction. Though small, the restaurant is anything but cramped, and the decor is splendid. The amount of food served is generous and filling. Seasoning is to taste.

For starters, ordering the golden fried fish and chips or the hummus served with pita bread would be a wise choice.

As far as the main course goes, rest assured that the sizzlers are garnished with plenty of fresh greens and french fries. Among the interesting Continental vegetable dishes is the Spaghetti Carbonarra, made up of a mushroom and cheese sauce atop a spaghetti and vegetable base. The Spaghetti Napolitaine, made up of tomatoes, mushrooms, olives and cheese, is delectable too. For the adventurous eaters who don't mind hot, chilli food, the Lebanese chick-pea dip called Hommus Bi Tahini poses a challenge.

Those who simply must have some seafood should taste the Grilled Prawns with Remoulade Sauce. This plate mixes medium-sized prawns fried to a brownish tint, with rice and veggies. Another remarkable platter is called Seafood Florentine. It has prawns and fish spread on a bed of spinach and cheese sauce. The chicken shashlik is also worth a try.

Finally, up on offer are desserts that crash through your defences. So, chuck that diet out the window and plunge into a caramel custard or a chocolate walnut and rum blacmange.

Although the prices are quite high, the joint is just the sort of place to walk into for a late Saturday night dinner before an excursion to a favourite discotheque.

This article was first published on26 Jun 2000.