The HITG Report

One Million Or Bust!
Too much mail to handle? These services should help...
Wired For Sound
Online radio stations are giving their real-world counterparts some serious competition.
Postcards From The Edge
Electronic postcards are quickly becoming the rage.
The Truth Is Out There...Somewhere
What's the difference between a spider, a search engine and a directory?
Portal, Portal On The Wall...
All-encompassing digital "portals" are jostling for your attention - but do they deserve it?
Candid Camera
Want the world in your living room? Webcams make it easy.
David Versus Goliath
A free operating system supported by volunteers around the world poses the first real threat to Windows.
The King Is Dead - Long Live The King!
The best - and worst - of 1998.
Strawberries And PIM
Fire your secretary. Put your Rolodex online. Thank us later.
Soothing The Savage Breast
The new MP3 format has the music companies in a tizzy.
Love Bites
Falling in love has never been quite so...impersonal.
Talkin' The Talk
Yakkity yakkity yak...on IRC, the conversation never stops.
Phantom Forces
Episode One is the most anticipated movie of the year - but can it live up to its billing?
Batteries Not Included
Can machines think?
Birds Of A Feather
Online community-building services need to get creative...and fast!
Free, Blonde And 21
Want something for nothing? Join the club.
Junk Food For The Soul
A menu of tasty appetizers, courtesy the Web!
We Don't Need No Education!
If you're planing to study in a foreign country, these sites will help you make the transition.
No Peekin'
Don't like the thought of someone snooping around your personal information? Solutions are at hand.
The Weird Wild Web
Anarchy reigns as our intrepid investigators track down the strangest sites on the Web.
Cherchez La Femme!
Some of the best sites for women on the Web.
Burnin' Rubber
Machinery has never looked this good.
Games People Play
Baseball? Tennis? Nah...gimme some elephant polo instead!
Have Money, Will Spend
You know what they say about a fool and his money...
Tickle That Funnybone
Looking for a party joke? Look no further.
We Will Rock You!
If music be the food of on!
The Idiot And The Box
Your favourite television shows, now on the Web!
Funny Business
The planet's favourite comic strips, now on a Web site near you!
Lights, Camera, Action!
Let the Web turn you into the next Spielberg.
Burning The Midnight Oil
Homework getting you down? Don't get mad...get even!
Christmas Dot Com
Peace and goodwill to all men...on the Web.
Different Strokes
Artists now have a new medium...and we've got the scoop.
Twenty Questions
A compilation of the Web's best quiz sites.
Lord Of The Strings
Sites for the serious musician.
Animal Attraction
All you need to know about your pet.
Crime Scenes
Sherlock Holmes never had it this good.