Greatest Hits - Lenny Kravitz
The best of Lenny Kravitz is very, very good.
Supernatural - Santana
Santana's new album couldn't have a more apt name...
Europop - Eiffel 65
Europop is music for the generation.
Affirmation - Savage Garden
Even though it falters in places, Savage Garden's second album has a lot going for it.
...And Then There Was X - DMX
Foul language does not an album make. Grow up, will you?
Euphoria - Def Leppard
Euphoria takes you by the hair and tosses you around.
Enrique - Enrique Iglesias
Julio's son proves that he's more than just a pretty face.
Brand New Day - Sting
It's a brand new day for Sting.
Aquarius - Aqua
Synthesized sounds set to a dance beat, and strange lyrics.
Sweet Kisses - Jessica Simpson
The operative word for "Sweet Kisses" is "sweet"...
Twenty-Four Seven - Tina Turner
Tina Turner still has more than enough pizzazz to grab our attention!
Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants - Oasis
An album whose appeal will be limited to Oasis fans only.
Schizophonic - Geri Haliwell
Unless you're a Spice Girls fan, "Schizophonic" is probably better left on the shelf for a while...
Grammy Nominees 2000 - Compilation
The Grammy 2000 album has some real winners.
The Screen Behind The Mirror - Enigma
Great beats and a very sensuous feel.
Notting Hill (OST) - Compilation
This album makes for a perfect romantic evening.
Come On Over - Shania Twain
A glass of country music with a twist of rock.
All The Way...A Decade Of Song - Celine Dion
A good mix of old and new hits make this album a winner.
A Little Bit Of Mambo - Lou Bega
Bega's raspy voice and unique style has everyone dancing to his tune.
Westlife - Westlife
Westlife's debut album could do with a little
No Strings Attached - N-Sync
N-Sync's debut album is a happy mix of slow numbers and zippy hits.
Year Of The Dragon - Modern Talking
A mix of techno with retro, 70's style tunes.
Independance - Compilation
A foot-tapping compilation of dance hits.
Christina Aguilera - Christina Aguilera
A voice so sultry, you should listen to it with the lights off.
The Heat - Toni Braxton
Toni Braxton's second album is seductive and relaxing.
Best Of Me - Bryan Adams
The best of Bryan Adams is very, very good!
Sooner Or Later - BBMak
A boy band that's a little...different.
Steptacular - Steps
A fast-paced album with some catchy tunes.
Binaural - Pearl Jam
Songs with a strong whiff of disenchantment.
The Writing's On The Wall - Destiny's Child
Destiny's Child is undoubtedly the voice of the average man or woman.
Oops!...I Did It Again - Britney Spears
Yup, looks like Britney's gone and done it again.
From Village To Town - Youssou N'Dour
Looking for something different? This qualifies.
The Man Who - Travis
This Scottish group offers a happy mix of guitar, drums and melody.
On How Life Is - Macy Gray
Macy Gray's album is all about taking life easy.
Whitney - The Greatest Hits - Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston's greatest hits are definitely worth adding to your collection.
Crush - Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi's first album in five years shows that the boys haven't lost their style just yet.
This Time Around - Hanson
Hanson's second album boasts mature music and impressive lyrics.
Return Of Saturn - No Doubt
No Doubt has come into its own with this new, astrologically-inspired album.
The Woman In Me - Shania Twain
Good campfire music, with some snappy remixes.
Man Power - Compilation
Fourteen tracks by the best male solo artists in the industry.
Heavy Picks - Robert Cray
A satisfactory combination of pop and blues.
The Universal Masters Collection - Louis Armstrong
This Louis Armstrong collection is sure to win him a new generation of fans.
Uptown Rulin' - The Neville Brothers
Calypso, soul and pop, blended together to create a fine collection of music.
When You Wish Upon A Star - Compilation
Disney's finest music will make your kids squeal with excitement.
The All-Time Greatest Pop Songs - Compilation
A so-so compilation of '80s pop.
Alma Caribena - Gloria Estefan
Gloria Estefan's latest is predictable and dreary.
Music For Relaxation - Max Folmer
Peace of mind? Not really...
Marc Anthony - Marc Anthony
Monotonous lyrics spoil an otherwise good album.
Colour Moving And Still - Chantal Kreviazuk
Melodious piano and violin strains and reflective lyrics make this album perfect for a solitary evening.
Carnival Party Album II - Compilation
Watered-down covers of original hits make this album one to avoid.
The Platinum Album - Vengaboys
Party beats with inane lyrics? Yup, the Vengaboys are back.
The All-Time Greatest Movie Songs II - Compilation
A fairly good selection of popular movie songs.
Mega Hit 9 - Compilation
A fairly good collection of this year's hits.
Noche De Cuatro Lunas - Julio Iglesias
An intoxicating package of drums, music and vocals.
Lara Fabian - Lara Fabian
A hot new singer proves that she's more than a pretty face.
Remix Galaxy - Compilation
A fairly good collection of remixes.
A Tribute To Giorgio Moroder - Compilation
If you like dance music, this tribute to DJ Giorgio Moroder is definitely worth a look-see.
Live From Central Park - Sheryl Crow And Friends
Sheryl Crow's performing in Central Park - and she's brought a few friends along as well.
Anthems II - Compilation
Cuts that define the musical consciousness of a generation.
Songs From The Last Century - George Michael
Music this good never goes out of style.
MTV Music I Like - Compilation
A good mix of MTV pop.
The Captain - Kasey Chambers
A faintly husky, Southern drawl set to typical country music.
Enema Of The State - Blink-182
Take your chances with this album - you might love it, or you might hate it.
M:I-2 (OST) - Compilation
A great collection of hard rock numbers.
Who Needs A Guitar Anyway? - Alice Deejay
An album aimed primarily at pubcrawlers.
Machina - Smashing Pumpkins
The Pumpkins are back with their unique brand of grunge-meets-metal music.
Classic Disco - Compilation
A collection of all-time favourites from the 70s.
Don Philip - Don Philip
A young singer from Miami makes his debut.
Down Memory Lane - Compilation
A wonderful collection of immortal tunes.
Human Clay - Creed
Strong guitar riffs and raw vocals make this an album to remember.
In Stereo - Bomfunk MCs
A repetitive and unoriginal album.
Latin Fiesta - Compilation
Cover versions of the best Latin pop.
Out There And Back - Paul van Dyk
A well-mixed album which should find favour with trance fans.
New Beginning - Stephen Gately
A listenable debut album from yet another Boyzone breakaway.
Ellie - Ellie Campbell
Ellie Campbell's self-titled album is sure to get your feet tapping.
Best 2000 (Level 2) - Compilation
More dance mixes for your next party!
Blue Lines - Massive Attack
A mixture of soft rap and hip-hop.
Classic Reggae - Compilation
An ensemble of vintage reggae tracks.
I Wanna Be With You - Mandy Moore
Music for the adolescent heart.
Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye - Vince Gill
A sentimental, romantic album by a fine country artist.
Vertigo - Billie Myers
Aesthetically-pleasing music that mutates as it plays.
This Is Trance (Trip 2) - Compilation
Synthetically-manufactured symphonies for the trance fan.
Sing When You're Winning - Robbie Williams
The new Robbie Williams album is a fair mix of diverse musical styles.
Sound Loaded - Ricky Martin
Mellow rhythms and get-up-and-boogie dance numbers fuse in Ricky Martin's latest.
Max 7 - Compilation
A fairly good collection of recent pop hits.
Absolute Dance 2 - Compilation
Need some music for your party? Try this compilation on for size.
If I Could Tell You - Yanni
Yanni's music never loses its appeal.
Pub Classics - Compilation
Mellow tunes that go best with a cold mug of beer.
Light Years - Kylie Minogue
A snappy album that grows on you.
Charlie's Angels (OST) - Compilation
A so-so mix of 60s pop and modern rock.
The Very Best Of Buddy Holly And The Crickets - Buddy Holly And The Crickets
A collection of vintage rock and roll tracks.
Ear-resistible - The Temptations
One of the most important Motown bands of the 60s is back.
The Universal Masters Collection - The Righteous Brothers
A Righteous Brothers compilation with some true classics.
The Universal Masters Collection - Bo Diddley
A bluesy guitar and easily-recognizable style makes this artist a popular favourite.
Greatest Hits (Live) - Smokie
A brilliant representation of superior musicianship and extraordinary teamwork.
Nativity In Black 2 - Compilation
A predictable and disappointing "tribute" album.
Hotshot - Shaggy
The luvahman's new album is a good mix of jazz, reggae and R&B.
Spanglish Love Affair - Passion Fruit
Nonsense lyrics and a monotonous beat make this album one to avoid.
Home For Christmas - N-Sync
Christmas greetings from 2000's hottest boy band.
Platinum Christmas - Compilation
Find out what Monica wants for Christmas.
Coast To Coast - Westlife
Westlife's new album offers a pleasant listening experience.
Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars - Fatboy Slim
Off-beat musical experiments from Fatboy Slim.
Lovers Rock - Sade
Aural harmony for the sensitive music lover.
Forever - Spice Girls
The new Spice Girls album is a fusion of new techniques and established melodies.
Their Most Beautiful Ballads - Boney M
Pleasant, rhythmic and sentimental ballads for the Christmas season.
Girl Thing - Girl Thing
A girl group with very little to distinguish themselves.
Renaissance - Lionel Richie
Lionel Richie returns to his roots with a funky new album.
Bachelor Party - Compilation
A sound investment for the party animal.
Fantastic Females 3 - Compilation
Sixteen chart-topping tracks by the best female acts in the business.
Black And Blue - Backstreet Boys
Some brilliantly-engineered tracks make this album worth a dekko.
One - The Beatles
A collection of twenty-seven Beatles classics.
Revelation - 98 Degrees
One-dimensional music with almost no individuality.
J.Lo - Jennifer Lopez
An elaborate concoction which doesn't stray very far from Lopez's Latin roots.
I'd Love You To Want Me - Compilation
An evergreen collection of love songs.
All That You Can't Leave Behind - U2
The boys from Dublin are back...and how!
Blue Night - Michael Learns To Rock
Same old, same old.
Sailing To Philadelphia - Mark Knopfler
A unique display of rhythm and style.
Ronan - Ronan Keating
An enjoyable sequel to Keating's career with Boyzone.
One Night Only - Elton John
A collection of Elton John's biggest hits.
The Very Best Of UB40 - UB40
A testament to UB40.
Hear My Cry - Sonique
A refreshing mix of dance and R&B.
Salam - Alabina
A brilliantly-engineered mix of influences, from Mediterranean pop to Arabic music and Latin rhythms.
Dance Street - Compilation
A mediocre compilation of dance cuts.
Disco Nights 2 - Compilation
Yet another dance compilation...except that this one has legs!
Pavarotti And Friends - Compilation
Luciano Pavarotti and Enrique Iglesias? Surely you jest...
Music Of The Millennium - Compilation
Rediscover the past three decades of pop music.
No Angel - Dido
A bewitching mix of electronica and haunting vocals.
Just Push Play - Aerosmith
Biting guitar, insistent drums, and some creative new ideas make this one to watch.
Parachutes - Coldplay
Coldplay's debut is easily one of the best albums of the year.
Everything You Want - Vertical Horizon
Vertical Horizon's debut showcases their adaptibility to a variety of musical styles.
The Very Best Of Deep Purple - Deep Purple
A compilation of classic Deep Purple tracks.
Spin - Compilation
A wide array of musicians add lustre to this compilation.
The Best College Classics Album In the World Ever II - Compilation
Classic tracks that take you back to those college days.
Friends Forever - Compilation
A collection of cuts that celebrate friendship.
#1s On One - Compilation
Old is still gold, in this well thought-out collection of hits.
Maximum Joy - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
A disappointing collection of remixes and unoriginal rhythms.
It Was All A Dream - Dream
A surprisingly good mix of vocals and lyrics.
O-Town - O-Town
Predictable, typical teen-pop from a boy-band that still has a way to go.
All For You - Janet Jackson
Sometimes hot, sometimes cold, Janet Jackson never ceases to surprise.
Room Service - Roxette
Energetic beats and catchy guitar riffs make Roxette's latest a winner.
Unwind - Compilation
A superlative selection of diverse R&B tracks.
America - Modern Talking
Synthesized sounds, hypnotic dance beats and silly lyrics make this one to miss.
Coast to Coast (Special Edition) - Westlife
Westlife fans have a new album to drool over.
Buzz: - Steps
Crammed with foot-stomping dance cuts and infectiously-silly lyrics, Steps' new album is simply terrific.
Survivor - Destiny's Child
A somewhat-jarring combination of brazen pop, sentimental ballads and gospel music.
MTV Hit Singles - Compilation
Music by multi-award-winning pop personalities.
Everyday - Dave Matthews Band
A delightful introduction to the wonderful world of David J. Matthews.
For Once In My Life - Vonda Shepard
Barry White. Sting. Al Green. What more do you want?
Cine Max - Compilation
Remind yourself of classic moments from Hollywood film history with this compilation.
Ladies And Gentlemen - Lou Bega
A failed attempt to combine old mambo with modern dance.
Yours Truly - Air Supply
A brilliant adaptation of modern ballads and classic Air Supply style.
Max 8 - Compilation
Finally, a compilation worth the price tag!
Moulin Rouge - Compilation
The kind of musical score you love to tell your friends about!
Subject To Change - Vanessa-Mae
Pop and new-age music, set to the violin.
Love At The Movies - Compilation
A compilation of romantic songs from Hollywood's treasure chest.
Just Request - Compilation
A bouncy collection of remixes and golden oldies.
The Invisible Band - Travis
Intelligent, evocative lyrics complement the soft strains of guitar and banjo in this follow-up album.
A Girl Like Me - Emma Bunton
Mostly lacklustre, despite a couple of interesting cuts.
Irresistible - Jessica Simpson
Not all that hard to resist.
Willy And The Poor Boys - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Songs with clarity and depth, by a group that never fails to surprise.
Blast: The Ultimate Party Album - Compilation
Party music that could do with a makeover.
This Is Trance - Trip 3 - Compilation
Repetitive beats and synthesized sounds make this album a bore.
I Love Movies - Compilation
A good compilation of movie moments.
Colour Of Silence - Tiffany
A spitfire with oodles of talent.
Shrek (OST) - Compilation
A monster of an album. Pun definitely intended.
Do To You What You Do To Me - Bryan Adams
Missed the concert? Get the album!
In Full Colour - Dario G
A robotic, uninspired album with more special effects than music.
Mandy Moore - Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore's second album showcases her growth as an artist. And it also has some kick-ass tunes.
Now That's What I Call Music 7 - Compilation
A great compilation of today's hottest music.
Pleased To Meet You - James
A disappointing sell-out to the gods of mass appeal.
The Best College Classics Album In the World Ever III - Compilation
Music, the way it was meant to be played.
Celebrity - N-Sync
N-Sync's latest is an interesting, and ultimately successful, blend of pop, dance and slow vocal harmonies.
Superhero - Brian McKnight
An uninspired effort by one of R&B's better stylists.
Rush Hour 2 (OST) - Compilation
Music that sounds better on screen than off.
8701 - Usher
A slightly different take on traditional R&B.
Life Is Good - LFO
Catchy, playful lyrics and strong fundamentals make this album shine.
Outrospective - Faithless
Faithless gets a new lease of life with some funky new beats...and Dido's vocal prowess.
Glitter - Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey's latest is a fiasco.
Return Of The Dragon - Sisqo
An album which makes little effort to be original.
Pick Up On This - Shaft
A party album with some great Latino beats.
The Golden Years - Compilation
The best of the 80s, in one stupendous disc.
Down Memory Lane - Compilation
A demonstration of what good music is all about, by some of the greatest artists of our generation.
American Pie 2 (OST) - Compilation
Let your hair down and party with the cast of American Pie.
The Very Best Of John Coltrane - John Coltrane
An American original, John Coltrane's best is truly awesome.
Earl Scrubbs And Friends - Earl Scrubbs
Country music, with some surprising guest stars.
Gorillaz - Gorillaz
A little bit of a lot makes this album interesting, though often confusing.
Love, Sensuality, Devotion - Enigma
Enigma's greatest hits could do with a little more oomph.
Vespertine - Bjork
Same old, same old.
Fever - Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue's latest album is possibly her best ever.
Kingsize - Five
Five guys to watch out for.
Fredhead - Right Said Fred
Shaven heads do not a hit album make.
I Love Teens - Compilation
The best of the current crop of teen groups.
Bridget Jones's Diary (OST) - Compilation
A fabulous music score, from one of the year's biggest movies.
Britney - Britney Spears
A sizzling, well-crafted piece of ear candy.
Family Affair - Mary J. Blige
A well-crafted piece of R&B, by one of the genre's leading lights.
The Id - Macy Gray
Macy Gray's second outing showcases her originality and talent.
What's Going On? - Compilation
How about a little creativity, guys?
The Blueprint - Jay-Z
Rap that's better than you might think.
Missing You - Compilation
A compilation of romantic tunes for those long evenings.
Wake Up And Smell The Coffee - The Cranberries
The Cranberries have a brand new sound. And no, it won't give you a headache.
Garbage - Androgyny
Australia's hottest grunge act have something new up their sleeve.
Desert Groove - Compilation
A Bedouin-tinged fusion of Asian and Arabic influences make this one to savour.
God Bless America - Compilation
America's best musicians come together in the aftermath of 9/11.
V - Live
Not one of Live's best efforts.
Relax! The Ultimate '80's Mix - Compilation
Was this really the sound of the '80s? I don't think so!
Invincible - Michael Jackson
Invincible? Methinks not.
Driving Rain - Paul McCartney
The ex-Beatle is back, with an album just this side of mediocre.
101% R&B - Compilation
A fairly good collection of R&B hits.
A Tribute To The Who - Compilation
A tribute to The Who that falls flat.
Goddess In The Doorway - Mick Jagger
This Stone hasn't rolled too far from home.
8 Days Of Christmas - Destiny's Child
Destiny's Child has a new Christmas album out. And it rocks.
Songs From The West Coast - Elton John
Elton John's newest marks a welcome return to his roots.
Songs In A Minor - Alicia Keys
The most exciting new artist of 2001.
World Of Our Own - Westlife
Nineteen tracks. Five guys. One great album.
Five - Five
Give this one five thumbs down.
A Knight's Tale (OST) - Compilation
Hard rock for the medieval generation.
Trance Nation - Compilation
A collection of psychedelic beats perfect for your next party.
The Best Of Ricky Martin - Ricky Martin
A so-so compilation of Latin hits and misses.
Greatest Hits (Volume 1) - Michael Jackson
The best of Michael Jackson is very, very good!
The DJ Files - Compilation
A good compilation of dance-floor grooves.
Greatest Hits (Chapter One) - The Backstreet Boys
A compilation of greatest hits three years after their inception? Tell me another.
Music Of The Millennium II - Compilation
An excellent compilation of rock and pop from the eighties.
Swing When You're Winning - Robbie Williams
Robbie Williams and Frank Sinatra? Who'd have thunk it?
19 Love Ballads - Michael Learns To Rock
A compilation of greatest hits that's just perfect for the Valentine mood.
System Of A Down - Toxicity
Nasty, nasty.
Drops of Jupiter - Train
One of the better albums to come out this year.
Rotten Apples: Greatest Hits - The Smashing Pumpkins
A compilation of greatest hits that should appeal to the alternative audience.
Greatest Hits - Ice Cube
A watertight album that mixes the old with the recent and the spanking new.
Total Dance - Compilation
Music you've heard before, and don't really want to hear again.
Simply The Best Love Songs - Compilation
Music to get you mushy.
Escape - Enrique Iglesias
An album destined for the dance floor.
Weathered - Creed
Welcome to the new face of modern rock!
All Rise - Blue
A so-so debut by a new British boy band.
The Best Of Shaggy - Shaggy
The original luvah gets his groove back!
Laundry Service - Shakira
Seven-legged cats and humble breasts? Someone needs a new songwriter.
Live At Brighton Beach - Fatboy Slim
House music on the beach.
J To Tha Lo! - Jennifer Lopez
An uninspired collection of remixes.
White Lilies Island - Natalie Imbruglia
Music to turn you blue.
Spin - Darren Hayes
A delectable debut by the former frontman of Savage Garden.
The Singles Collection - Deep Purple
The best of Deep Purple is very, very good!
Missundaztood - Pink
Attitude has never sounded so good.
A New Day Has Come - Celine Dion
Celine Dion's latest is just what you'd expect.
Royal Stag Mega Mix Jukebox - Compilation
A good compilation of oldies.
18 - Moby
A vapid clone of Moby's previous efforts.
Goal! - Compilation
Soccer music finally comes of age.
Come Away With Me - Norah Jones
Sensitive lyrics and a smoky voice make this one of the better albums of the year.
Roswell - Compilation
Who knew aliens could groove like this?
Night Fever - Compilation
Avoidable unless you're really desperate.
Forever: Greatest Hits - Take That
Don't remember these guys? You will!
Nu Divas - Compilation
Eighteen of today's hottest female acts on one album.
Chillout Lounge: Volume Two - Compilation
A so-so compilation of lounge tunes.
Untouchables - Korn
Garbled grunts and strange arrangements make this one to avoid.
ELV1S 30 #1 Hits - Elvis Presley
The King is dead. Long live the King!
Mended - Marc Anthony
Same old, same old.
A Rush Of Blood To The Head - Coldplay
Coldplay's second album is as good as their first.
Feels So Good - Atomic Kitten
Light, frothy pop tunes that are nevertheless very listenable.
Paradise - Kenny G
An assortment of tranquil tunes and carnival rhythms.
Max 10 - Compilation
A great compilation of the hottest tracks going at the moment.
Escapology - Robbie Williams
That Williams boy, we can't seem to escape him...
Wishes - Kenny G
Music that makes for a restive Christmas Eve.
One Love - Blue
Crafty mixes and novel tunes make this one a winner.
Shaman - Santana
A multi-cultural mix that succeeds on every level.
Chillout Rock - Compilation
Capital sound and a prime sampling of tracks make this one to keep.
Totally Hits 2 - Compilation
A compilation of some of today's biggest hits.
Voyage 2: The Essential World Beat Collection - Compilation
A diverse collection of music styles.
Tango - Compilation
A collection of energy-packed tango remixes.
Now Or Never - Nick Carter
Adolescent tunes for the me generation.
Feelings - Compilation
Classic songs, from a generation of artists who never go out of style.
Hail To The Thief - Radiohead
A more structured, yet surprising Radiohead sound.
Voyageur - Enigma
Sheer brilliance - Enigma does it again!
Chicago - Compilation
A swinging soundtrack that evokes the mood of the 50s.
Bread And Barrels Of Water - Outlandish
A unique blend of cross-cultural influences, including Latino and Arabic pop.
From Now On - Will Young
Factory-processed love tunes that lack originality or talent.
Absolute Dance 2003 - Compilation
Yet another party compilation to keep you hopping.
Strays - Jane's Addiction
Hard-hitting guitar riffs, bass lines and drum rolls. Welcome back, headbangers!
Human - Nitin Sawhney
Difficult to categorize, but interesting nevertheless.
Harem - Sarah Brightman
A brilliant fusion of ethnic Middle Eastern sounds and modern Western dance.
One Heart - Celine Dion
Very average. Will Celine go on?
Metamorphosis - Hilary Duff
Bubblegum teen pop that fails to leave a lasting impression.
Viva Latino! - Compilation
Shake your bon-bon with this compilation of Latino hits.
Here - The Robertson Brothers
Another boy band that mistakes looks for talent.
The Fast And The Furious - Compilation
Hip-hop paradise. Grab it and burn some rubber!
A Progress In Trance - Compilation
A nice compilation of trance cuts.
My Private Nation - Train
Excellent melodies, great music and decent lyrics make this a must-buy for rock fans.
Think Tank - Blur
Blur prove yet again why they're considered one of Britain's best alternative acts.
Patience - George Michael
George Michael's new album is a winner.